This incredible marvel of engineering is most likely never to be repeated in a street-legal twin-cylinder motorcycle. With a bore of 116 mm and stroke of and 60.8 mm, the displacement is now 1285 cc and, thanks to specifically developed components and materials, an unprecedented maximum power output of 215 hp at 11,000 rpm* is obtained while being fully Euro IV compliant. A non-street-legal racing exhaust kit is delivered together with the motorcycle, and guarantees an increase in peak power of 5 hp and a reduction in weight of 4 kg compared to the Euro IV exhaust.

The trademark Desmodromic distribution now features new camshafts that allow for increased valve lift. The new titanium valves now have a larger diameter and are optimised for increased lift, maximising performance. The cylinder head has also been redesigned and now features larger ducts.

New, 116 mm, 2-segment pistons reduce friction, while new titanium conrods ensure weight is kept to a minimum. The high power is channelled through an ultra-compact and lightweight crankshaft, perfectly balanced with tungsten counterweights.

A new forged clutch basket ensures maximum resilience while a new anti-hopping clutch guarantees stability under the hardest braking. The sand-cast crankcase employs production methods normally reserved for the highest level of competition engines.

The extensive use of exotic lightweight materials and production processes guarantee a weight saving over the standard 1299 engine of 2.1 kg. As a testament of the extremely high standards in terms of quality and precision, the long service intervals of the standard engine of 12,000 km for oil service and 24,000 km for Desmo service are maintained.


*The power values indicated above are measured using a chassis dynamometer. Homologated power data, as quoted in the Bike Registration Document, are measured using an engine dynamometer according to the homologation regulation. The two power values may differ because of the different measurement equipments.

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The engine is the heart of every Ducati, and this iteration of the Superquadro engine represents the crowning achievement in twin-cylinder technology.